Next Time She’ll Be Dead

Battering & How To Stop It

Fifteen years after she first wrote about wife beating in Women Who Kill, Ann Jones returned to the subject to ask: Why are women still being battered in America? In Next Time, She’ll Be Dead, she argues that all women have the right to live free from bodily harm. Yet violence against women continues. Next Time, She’ll Be Dead examines four habits of the American mind that cloud our thinking about woman battering and contribute to the persistence of what we euphemistically call “domestic violence.” 
First, we cling to a popular conviction that if abused women seek help from the law, they get it, when in fact the law itself often adds to the abuse they undergo. Second, we fool ourselves about the real nature of battering, mainly by speaking of it in the language of love; and we grossly underestimate how deadly it is. Third, we comingle and confuse sex, anger, aggression, and violence, and perpetuate that confusion in pop culture. And finally, and perhaps most important, we persist in the tendency to blame victims for “their” problems. Jones illustrates how all these habits of mind come together to the detriment of all women by closely examining public reaction to a single notorious case: the victimization of Hedda Nussbaum. A final chapter answers in detail the question “What can we do?” It offers invaluable practical tips and resources for professionals in the law, criminal justice, health care, mental health, social services, public policy, and research, and for individuals concerned about family members and friends.
“Whether you’re an individual woman looking for help or a reader looking for the truth about the thousands of women who are battered by the men they live with, Next Time, She’ll Be Dead is the one book you should read.” 
—Gloria Steinem

“Ann Jones is angry and constructive at the same time. She conveys an intelligent analysis of violence and victimhood. And she offers a well-conceived . . . blueprint for social and institutional change.”
—The New York Times Book Review

“Anyone who has seen news reports about women maimed or killed by abusive spouses or boyfriends and asked, ‘Why didn’t she just leave?’ needs this book.” —Chicago Tribune

“A spirited and well-documented analysis . . . Next Times She’ll Be Dead is an important resource for anyone who wishes to understand how violence changes forever the lives of the women and children it touches.”
—New York Law Journal

“Next Time, She’ll Be Dead implodes any complacency one might have that having ‘come a long way’ in this area is anywhere close to far enough.” —Boston Globe

“Powerful . . . full of heartbreaking examples . . .” 
—Detroit Free Press

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